So I have been doing some thinking about some stuff I have seen. So Ima do this in a respectful manner, and leave it ya'll to it.

- Those that are blunt.

This is nice, we need people like that, but we only need these people for when it's called for.

Someone making a joke, clarifies its a joke before they make it, and you find it immature, so thus you go off on them, talking about their age, their problems and yada yada ya.
Is not needed.

Someone speaks their mind in a orderly fashion, and you dislike what they have to say, and start cursing and yelling, and acting a fool..
Is not being blunt, its a person being a jerk, its going over the edge, and beyond.

Lets be honest here, only person I am point a finger at here, is me.


When I see people show an attitude when they have been way longer then I makes me feel better about myself.

Its disgusting, and Im glad we get warning points for these things, cause that warning should make you step back, and rethink about what you just did, and how you can do it better in the future.

To sum this all up....

IF YOU DONT LIKE SOMEONE'S STATEMENT, OPINIONS, AND ETC, DONT BE AN JERK! Be the better person say what you need to calmly, and respectfully.

If you dont have a nice way to say it, dont say it all. (We were taught this as kids were we not?)

Alright, I feel better about this.

Comment as you wish, with respect, and decency please.