Greetings Chaos!! I hope we are all fairing well enough to smile at our problems cause let me tell you...a smile is a powerful thing.
When I first joined Chaos, I was new to the scene of Roleplaying with Play by Post. It was different to me, and not apart of my life as it is now. I was knowledgeable about Star Wars, that was it. That was my only weapon in this brave new world. I began to make amazing friends, and companions I never thought I could ever have.
But then, I began to let power, and this game become more than fun. It became competitive. It was a bad thing, and I was making it worse day by day. I left, after many smacks on the hand by the staff team here. (They are amazing people guys! When they seem harsh...its cause they're doing the jobs they said they didnt mind doing.)
After a few months to almost half a year of being gone, I came back a little more mature, and understanding of this community. I still had a hot head, and said a few choice lines I wish I hadn't but for the most part, I had made progress. I told everyone I would show them my change. And I began to too. But, I ended up getting in a butting head contest with some folks, and left again.
A month or two later, I came back. This is now. What have I done to make myself a better person in the real world in order to become a functioning member of this community?
I have a job.
I got a car.
I got assistant manager.
I made goals for myself in real life, and achieved them.
But this blog comes with some sad news. The more I achieve in real life, the less time I have for Chaos. I want you guys to know, If I ever seem to vanish, I havent. Im looking at the site, Im taking a minute break to scroll on my phone on yall.
I love this place, and it's people.
I want to be welcomed here again without feeling like I'm watched constantly, and I feel like I'm slowly achieving that goal here.
Goals For Chaos:
Feel Welcomed Again. (Not feeling like Im welcomed is my own doing I blame no one but myself on this)
Bring a new Major Faction.
Get on a Staff Team of Some Sorts.
Become a Productive Member Again

Thank you Chaos RP! Thank you for all the fun I have had, am having, and will have! Thank you to the writers who have stuck by my side for thick and thin. To the new writers who find my character fun to write with. To the staff team for being here and doing a job no one else really wants (lol).