I sit here, living on the east coast, 2:36am currently writing this and I keep thinking to myself after hearing a comedian say it: "It's dark out there."

It's always been a dark place, this world, such is reality as we adults know, and as teenagers we begin to learn. Many things going on all around the world that are scary, things we've only read about in history books, and documentaries on Netflix. But let's do remember, these things have happened before, and while we are no less to suffer just because of that, remember how bright things were after, and that it takes us watching out for one another, and being there to ease that suffering.

And let us remember that while here on Chaos, we come to get away from the dark place that is reality, and the fantastical universe that is Star Wars. I love this place, and while it's had it's ups and downs, generally the people here have always helped me forget for a moment that it's going hard. They give me a good chuckle, and make these burdens a little less heavier on my shoulders. I live fairly close to where some of these things are happening, I have friends who live even closer to those things. I worry, I fret, and I think a lot. But I always remember that when it becomes a little too much, or maybe I just need to blow some steam; Chaos is the place for me to do that.

The wonderful and terrific stories written here are a stable of what a community can do when working together to achieve like minded goals, and I think we should really think about that word when we write together: Community.

We are a community here, and while being competitive is healthy, the want to win and is a natural desire, don't forget...we're all friends here, we're all on the same team at the end of the day.

I love you Chaos, stay bright!