Here to express my opinions

(Feedback - [background=rgb(255,255,255)]information about reactions to a product, a person's performance of a task, etc., used as a basis for improvement)

(Plagiarism - [background=rgb(255,255,255)]an[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]act[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]or[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]instance[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]of[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]using[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]or[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]closely[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]imitating[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]the[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]language[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]and[background=rgb(255,255,255)]thoughts[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]of[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]another[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]author[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]without[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]authorization[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]and[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]the[background=rgb(255,255,255)]representation[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]of[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]that[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]author's[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]work[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]as[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]one's[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]own,[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]as[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]by[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]not[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]crediting[background=rgb(255,255,255)]the[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]original[background=rgb(255,255,255)] [background=rgb(255,255,255)]author:)

By this, if I noted that said subject I have made belongs to said person, and that I do not own the rights, guess what, I havent committed a crime, what's funny that we only use this word when it comes to the factory, codex, and pictures.

SO I could go in, make a Pokemon, and as long as I make sure I note the rightful owners, and express I dont own it..I havent committed a single thing that could lock me up, but will call it plagiarism still...XD Ok...sure...

I read some of the rules and stuff on this subject, and I found a few things I dont like.

Clearly you have not used the law to the full extent as I have stated above...if I were to give the credit due, then I have done nothing wrong. Pictures should not be the only thing created into this.
Player Characters, NPCs, tech, and the works also deserve to have this as part of their own rules. I mean most of the time, the links to given tech have been given anyways thus giving the credit due..I guess.
[quote name="Tefka" post="468331" timestamp="1407662787"] As for the other website - a warning, for any of you in a position of authority here at SWRP. Be it Major Faction, Factory Judge, or Staff... if you are helping to build another Star Wars RP community, you will be seen as abusing your position here at SWRP Chaos for personal gain and will be forcibly removed from your position. I can't understand how that would be perceived as anything other than it, and there's no argument in the world that would convince me otherwise. Non-compete clause, holmes. Most real world businesses have 'em, and here it's just common sense. [/quote]'re saying that if Admin A goes and makes his own Star Wars RP site...he's removed from his/her position? For what? Wanting to try their hand at making their own place to RP? That sounds..wrong..this isnt right at all. Its can come from another Star Wars RP, and we will accept that character...but if you go from here to there..pfft...PUNISHMENT! XD

Seriously...I love this sight..but sometimes power is abused, and that right there...doesnt sit well with me...

So this how I feel...after posting this in a civil manner, I feel better, and my emotions have settled.

Thanks for this idea, this actually helps with expressing one's opinion, and release emotions built up.