To the Citizens of Chaos,
If there's one thing I know well, without a doubt, it's myself. I know myself, and after a lot of reflection, I know that over the past year there have been more occasions than there should be where I've been a jackass, a queen, and generally not a nice person. What should that number be? Zero. It should be zero, but I'm human, but that's also no excuse.
I've said mean things, and treated people poorly. I've been downright rotten. I've become aware that there's at least a few people out there that I've hurt or wronged and for whatever reason (conflict avoidance, or what-have-you) I'm only aware that there are people I've treated in a manner less than what is right, but I'm not aware who they are... and this is why I'm writing this post.
If I have ever wronged you, said untoward things, made you feel 'less than', then I apologize. Deeply, wholeheartedly I apologize. To be honest, this has been weighing on my conscience for a while. What you do with this disclosure, this apology, is up to you. You're free to accept it or not. I've made no assumptions that this action on my part will bring about any acceptance on yours.
However, I hope we can mend things and see better days ahead, between us.
-The Owl