This is an update in the same vein as the previous update entry.

Ilias Nytrau
Ordon Trozky
Tela Uolmi
Ferian Adair
Marselia Starchaser
Auswyn Nothrael

Kelly Perris
Tadel Perris
Lucianus Adair
Jannik Morlandt
Meeristali Peradun
Siyndacha Aerin
Selinica Miriya Cailis

Falcon Gyndar
Ibaris Varanin
Joanes Quez
Inkara Liet
Jame Kaman Dar
Tes Dralyn

Cennika Hawk
Emiery Athelon
Andrik El-Eison
Justinian Atreides

Ordon Trozky - Just can't be arsed to write this one, for the foreseeable future.
Lucianus Adair - Outside of plots pertaining to Quietus et al., Luc is not being written. This likely won't change, but I've learned to never say never when it comes to the thing that most people call 'muse'.
Jannik Morlandt - Honestly, I'm surprised at this, as I believe he's one of the best characters I've ever written... but he's tied very much to a writer that, right now, my commitments make hard to keep up with (stuff I can't just abandon), and that makes him hard to write, unfortunately. My poor time management skills have otherwise always been to blame, and still are, in part. This was a hard decision, but I'd like to come back to him when things in my life are sorted and whatnot, or when I feel I can manage. Or, you know, the so-called 'muse' thing.
As always, this list is subject to change, and you will be advised of any updates in future blog posts.
-The Owl