Well, that title is awkward.
So, I've recently taken a long, hard look at my time commitments and priorities, and some of you may have already noticed some of the changes resulting from that. I'm no longer a Judge, and I've cut any faction leadership or ownership positions from my docket. Time constraints. They are what they are.
There's more, though, I'm afraid. My character list, for example:
Ilias Nytrau
Ordon Trozky
Tela Uolmi
Ferian Adair
Marselia Starchaser
Auswyn Nothrael

Kelly Perris
Tadel Perris
Lucianus Adair
Jannik Morlandt
Meeristali Peradun
Siyndacha Aerin
Selinica Miriya Cailis

Falcon Gyndar
Ibaris Varanin
Joanes Quez
Inkara Liet
Jame Kaman Dar
Tes Dralyn

Cennika Hawk
Emiery Athelon
Andrik El-Eison
Justinian Atreides

I think it's obvious which ones have any chance of being written, for the foreseeable future, and which ones are being shelved. I know Ilias is a big surprise, but I just have nothing for him right now. Haven't really had any direction for him for a very long time. All my darksiders are shelved too - I haven't felt the vibe of evil for I don't know how long.
This list is subject to change. You will be advised of any updates in future blog posts.
-The Owl