Lirra, Swamp Region​
Werah trudged through the swamp, making his way to the hidden pool that he knew existed. It was a good day: the sun was shining, the air was warm, and the horrid brown rain was notably absent. The mud squelched beneath his armoured feet, and Werah closed his eyes, using the force to sense his surroundings. The pool appeared in his mind, and he could sense the huge variety of life that lived there. He walked to the edge, and checked his water filter on his mask, before diving into the murky depths. His goggles began to adapt themselves to the dark, and the surroundings of the huge mineral pool came into view. He could see a huge squid-like creature, attacking a many-limbed stick creature. Far over to the right, he could see what he came for: a small hut, built out of the many underwater plants in this region. Werah swam over to it, hoping that he had done everything right. He had brought a Fin-Hooked Seeut, as legend demanded, though he had no idea why. Looking closer at the hut, he could see it was actually quite large, and had many extensive patterns on the side. A seaweed shawl served as a door, and Werah moved closer. He dropped the offering at the entrance, and darted back quickly. A scaly green hand appeared frown behind the shawl, and drew the offering into the hut. Werah waited patiently, but no further activity was visible. He began to start back towards the hut, when a voice rang in his mind. "THANK YOU FOR YOUR OFFERING. YOU MAY ENTER." Werah was surprised, to say the least - he had never really believed the old stories. Getting over his shock, he drew back the curtain, and entered the hut. It was a simple abode, with few furnishings. The walls glowed with a strange slime, and a single window looked out at the watery expanse. But the strangest part of the hut was its inhabitant, a small green humanoid, covered in scales, and with rather large ears. It's eyes glowed blue, and it stared at Werah intently. "WELCOME, WANDERER.", said the booming voice that appeared directly in Werah's head. "I WAS EXPECTING YOU..."