Werah sat down beside his HoloPad, checking the results. He had sent out an add for an odd competition, which promised 10 suits of beskar armour as a prize. A faulty production line had made a incorrect alloy mixture for a set of QuadTech armours, and the alloy was very brittle, and thus useless for an armour. Nevertheless, Werah had ordered the creation of the armours. He had had them specially made so that they closely resembled Beskar Armour, though a trained eye could see the difference easily. Inside the armour however, Werah had installed a tracking device, and a remote explosive. With this plan, he hoped to catch out some of the TE's enemies, or anyone with a bounty on their head. Though it was a shot in the dark, at least it was a use for the otherwise useless armour, so Werah gave the green light for the plan. The suits were packaged and sent off to the unsuspecting prize winners.
(OOC: This is mostly just a joke idea, but I guess it might work as a plan... :) )