Eyes as cold and unforgiving as ice, and pale skin to match. It was the last thing Julian saw before she placed two slugs into his abdomen. Five years ago as an amateur bounty hunter in the Outer Rim Julian had teamed up with a woman by the name Shandria Lassic, it was years later that he would learn her true name had been Cyrinity Starlight. She was an assassin employed by the Black Sun Syndicate.
Julian had been hunting through Black Sun territories for a crime lord that went by the name of Blitz. When the Black Suns caught wind of Julians hunt, they dispatched Cyrinity to deal with him. She embedded herself into the Ravens for information gathering while leading Julian astray from Blitz. The two of them jumped from planet to planet for a period of seven months, slowly developing a close relationship while traveling on Julians former ship, a BT-7 Thunderclap.
When Julian began to suspect someone was leaving a false trail, Cyrinity began to develop cold feet. She knew she had to kill Julian sooner or later but her feelings were getting in the way. She delayed the inevitable. Julian had slowly but surely sniffed out the right trail that led him deep into Vertical City on Nar Shaddaa. They had just docked his assault ship at a local port.
Together they stood over the city, a young Julian fully prepared for the final part of his hunt. He turned to look at his partner and lover, taking in those bright blue eyes of her. He almost didn't notice the pistol aimed at him. Cyrinity had not the heart to kill him. Before Julian could speak, her finger squeezed the trigger. His hears rang and he felt something warm stain his clothes. His world slowly turned dark, she pulled the trigger again, and the lights went out.
When he awoke he was in the Refugee Sector of Nar Shaddaa. Someone had heard the gunshots and came running. By the time he could walk again the trail had gone cold. Cyrinity had warned the Black Suns that Julian was closing in, and she upped and left. She knew that by not killing him she would have a death warrant hanging over her head. As far as anyone was concerned, she vanished. When Julian searched for her, not a single person had ever heard of Shandria Lassic. It was only when Svel Droma sold information on the name that he learned she was a Black Sun Assassin. There had been no word of her ever since. She was likely dead.