As mysterious as they are lethal, The Mirage is a secret criminal organization of unknown origins, operation or location. Rumors on Antecedent suggest The Mirage was born after the failed coup by Lysle of the Hydian Way on the Red Ravens, while the streets of Nar Shaddaa insist it is a Black Sun Syndicate operation working in the Unknown Region. No reports are clear.

What has been gleamed by the brief and rare encounters with those affiliated with The Mirage is that it is ran by a small group of individuals living on a planet dedicated solely to night clubs, spice dens and casinos, and that their thugs are known as 'tourists' who are given no other information about The Mirage aside from the organizations name, their mission, and payment.

Speculation suggests that the planet could but Zeltros, however it is unlikely as such an organization would have long been uncovered. Whatever motives The Mirage holds, their interest is keenly held on Julian Valentine. It is suspected that Julian Valentine may be sought after as a 'tourist' to work and operate for The Mirage, but only time can tell if this holds true, or that The Mirage even exist.