When Lysle was exiled from the Dragon Palace Casino after a failed coup with the founding members of the Red Raven Syndicate, Svel Droma had been betting chips on the gaming floor. Reports suggest when she heard the news she entered into a drunken brawl with security who forcefully removed her from the casino. It was only her long and outstanding loyalty to the Red Ravens that prevented her from being gunned down.
Svel Droma these days has moved operations from Antecedent back to Nar Shaddaa, but hasn't heard from Lysle or Sigourney in years. With the ultimate destruction of Lysles criminal empire, Svel fancies herself as The Last Raven, and still considers herself affiliated as a Red Raven. Perhaps nothing more than a mere obsession with the past and the glory days of the Ravens, or a true testimony to her undying loyalty to the Raven cause, either way, she is causing a mess in the criminal underworld.
Having lost contact with many other Ravens, she has kept in contact with Valentine. The two of them had operated together during the Invasion of Barab I, a massive defeat to the Black Sun Syndicate at the hands of the Ravens. She servers as confidant, spice dealer and information broker to Julian. Due to his former allegiance to the Raven cause, she offers discounts to Julian and his allies. She is known to frequent Frida's Spaceport Cantina on Nar Shaddaa. Those who supported Chiasa are greeted with a blaster by Svel and her small flock of loyalists.