, Lo [2nd left], Shorty Sharn [2nd right], Charlemagne

Known as the Ison Cartel, or the Corridor Cartel, this rag-tag criminal organization has a firm grip on the criminal underworld on Bespin. Their operations are primarily limited to Port Town, but their reach has been felt as far as the Colonies. The cartel operates in arms dealing, selling retired hardware from the former Omega Protectorate and Fringe Confederacy.
The Ison Cartel is held together by a shaky alliance between four vagabonds. Viissk and Lo were former laborers of the Hutt Cartel, working low-paying jobs requiring them to smuggle spice across borders. Shorty Sharn is a Raven who operated as an arms dealer on Nar Shaddaa, while Charlemagne was a former Republic trooper who turned to the Black Sun Syndicate as a bodyguard.
With the fall of the Red Ravens and the Black Sun Syndicate, along with the decline in the Hutt Cartel, all four of the small-time criminals ditched their allegiances. It was sheer chance that brought them together in Port Town. Due to their history of shifting loyalties they do not truly trust one-another. In a matter of months the four had accumulated tens of thousands of credits and an armada of goons, slowly curling an iron grip around Port Town on Cloud City.
The rumor mill spits out that Viissk and Lo are looking to wipe out Shorty Sharn and Charlmagne, but there has been little movement to suggest such a notion. The Ison Cartel has operated under constant strain of internal conflict, and it is only a matter of time before the grip they hold wanes. Recent talk in Port Town suggests a hit has been placed on Julian Valentine after he bought a hyperdrive that was stolen from the Ison Cartel.