"We have waited for this moment. For years, we have planned, watched, grown, and otherwise prepared for this day! Now, it is here....we have amassed a small army, and a small fleet, we have set up our government, we have learnt from the old Empire, and today I proclaim to you and the entire galaxy, that we are THE Empire. We are the rightful rulers of this galaxy. Look what has happened since the fall of the Empire years ago...clusters of planets have gathered together as rogue factions, at constant odds with each other....a great warrior race has invaded and slaughtered countless lives, and the ancient Confederacy of Independent Systems that the Empire crushed an eternity ago as risen from the ashes.

I say NO MORE! We are the Elysium Empire, we will restore order, we will stop the invaders and destroy the C.I.S. just as our ancestors did. We will rebuild the clone army and punish those who have brought this galaxy to its' knees. For 36 years I have approached my destiny. Now I, your king, promise you this: We will be conquerors. Our names will be written in the history books, by our own machines, not by some creatures from the unknown, and not by some false Empire!

Together, we will rise, and never again will the galaxy be divided! We will snuff out the forces of Chaos. We will bring an end to the false Imperial factions that so obviously wish to be the heirs of the Empire. We will restore the conquered planets, repopulating and rebuilding them. We will end the CIS, and crush its windpipe before it draws its' final breath. We will burn Bespin to the ground for its' rebellion that began the chain of destruction that made the once great Empire implode. Finally, we will break the pathetic Outer Planetary Alliance that we have observed over the past seven years!

And then...with the galaxy already on it's knees, we will pick it up, and put it back on solid ground!"