The Holorecording began with the Purple Lion of The Elysium Empire, which faded to show King Heath Valhoun with a somber look on his face. He was sitting in a wooden chair with his trademark Blue Trench coat on. This holorecording was being broadcast throughout the galaxy on several channels that had agreed to play it, be it for money, or genuine support for The Elysium Empire. Not everyone would see it, but those that would see the recording could spread the message. That was the idea, at least.

The sad King began,
"The destruction of Csilla was unacceptable. It was evil, unnecessary, and cannot go unpunished. This attack comes from "civilized" people across The Galaxy, yet it resembles the actions of The Bryn'adul. Put plainly, it was criminal, and The Elysium Empire will not stand idle and watch. First and formost I would like to speak directly to any survivors that see this message. The Elysium Empire is here. We are a nation of refugees. You will always be welcomed here. We are a place to call home, a place to feel safe once again, and a place that will pick you up when you are down.

Now I am speaking to everyone, be it politicians, military individuals, business owners, or even the Sith scum themselves. This sudden and deliberate attack is nothing more than Genocide. As King of The Elysium Empire, I am formally declaring war on The Brotherhood of The Maw and The Sith Empire. The Elysium Empire will aid in every way we can, those fighting against The Sith...even those that we do not support nor recognize politically.

In addition I am pledging the complete and utter destruction of The Sith Empire. We are not just making a statement. We are fixing the problem. We are an Empire of action, and it will show. The Sith Empire may not be the perpetrators of this vicious attack, but they are of the same ideology. An ideology that is now too dangerous to allow to exist publicly.

My final action in response to this attack is to announce that all whom identify themselves as "Sith" in our Empire are now terrorists, and will be treated as such. In exactly one week, these policies will take effect.

Until then, our hearts are with The Chiss and the victims of this disgusting attack. Goodbye.

The Holorecording then shuts off, leaving a black screen for thirty seconds.