Heath Valhoun Stood before the camera. In three seconds he would be broadcast through the galaxy. From loyalists listening on small devices, to large devices in several planets where Heath had bought a few minutes of time. His purpose was to establish the Elysium Empire's view on The Mandalorians, whom had recently won their freedom from The Sith Empire. For once, Heath had decided that The Elysium Empire would allow a government that wasn't their own. The Mandalorian Union had earned their freedom.

Heath had his reasons. First off, Mandalorians were not a group that anyone would want as an enemy. The Elysium Empire had too many enemies as it was, and the Mandalorians were perhaps the strongest simply due to their ferocious nature. They are valiant, honorable warriors, and experts at their craft.

Secondly, the Mandalorian Union's government was capable of co-existing with The Elysium Empire's goals. Their government and Ideologies were extremely similar to The Elysium Empire's. The Mandalorians had a monarch-like figure, Mand'alor....a Council, a senate-like group, and finally what were essentially governors. Heath didn't know the exact functions, but they were similar enough to The Empire. Beyond that, it could function even if The Elysium Empire took over...perhaps. It would likely be a colony-like system, there's no way the Mandalorians would allow their planet to be controlled by anyone but themselves. That was obvious.

Finally, Heath Valhoun had always respected Mandalorians more than most people in the galaxy. Sure, there were mighty Zabraks, the Mysterious Chiss, The shifty Hutts....but none were anywhere near as respectable as the Mandalorians.

And so it would be that The Elysium Empire would show an effort to help the Mandalorians. As to how, Heath didn't know. The First Step was to present themselves as a potential ally. The rest would eventually fall into place. The broadcast began.

"Greetings. This is Heath Valhoun, King of The Elysium Empire. I am speaking to everyone today to address The Mandalorian Union. As we all know, the Mandalorians have secured a victory and liberated Mandalore from The Sith. As you also know, I made a promise several months ago to unite the galaxy, and end the fragmentation and wars that have caused so much pain and death. However, I am officially announcing that The Elysium Empire fully supports The Mandalorian Union. I know some may be upset at this apparent change of tone, but allow me to explain.

The Mandalorians are similar to us in many ways. Our governments are similar, and we both have quarrels with The Sith and The false New Imperial Order. There is no reason that we cannot co-exist. Beyond that, the Mandalorians are not a force that we want working against us. The Sith have felt the wrath of Mandalore, and the galaxy watched. The Elysium Empire will not create a pointless war as long as I live, for I have promised an end to the wars.

Therefore, I would like to congratulate The Mandalorian Union for its' victory. Beyond that, I am offering an official partnership...a non-aggression treaty and an offer to aid them in their reconstruction and recovery efforts. I ask all of The Elysium Empire to rise up with the Mandalorians and show support in any way possible.

Thank you, and good day."

He stood still as the camera shut off and the broadcast ended. He had expended almost all of his time, but he felt that it had been worthwhile. His points had been made, the offer was out. His hand was extended, it was up to the Mandalorians to grasp it. He would wait until they did, and once they did, the galaxy would see the most powerful alliance in history. That alliance would be the paragon of what a united galaxy would be under The Elysium Empire.

Venku Bralor Kreslin Westwind