Capital - Lehon (Rakata Prime)
Type of Government - Empire
Head of State - Over-Predor - NPC Rakata
Second Command - Predors 1,2,3,4,5 - PCs
Sub-Predor - PCs
Force Hound - PCs
Draft of Idea -
After returning to Rakata Prime, Romeo stumbles upon an ancient status chamber where a Rakata is held asleep. A fight happens, Romeo is beaten, but refuses to become a Force Hound, etc etc, Romeo explains times have changed majorly as this Rakata wishes to rebuild the Infinity Empire once more. The Rakata begins to shape things into a new empire, calling it the *insert name here*
Slaves are removed, Caste system now applied. Force Hounds can become Sub-Predors, and Predors. Humans and other aliens alike by now old commanding positions.
The Infinite Army
The Infinite Fleet
The Predor Circle
Intent - to bring back the Rakata Empire into the present day, to gain members, and do very amazingly different things. Write a story that brings a Old Republic feel the board, and give the board a canon faction in hopes of going major.