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The Battle for CORUSCANT is over!

The BROTHERHOOD'S surprise attack, executed with frightful efficiency, is a disaster that leaves the ALLIANCE scrambling to save its capital, once thought untouchable, as it is left shattered and engulfed in flames. The JEDI TEMPLE stands defiled by SITH. The SENATE burns with the flames of TREASON. CORUSCANT'S cloudcutters crushed to rubble on the war-torn streets, and overhead skies still burn with remnants of a grand clash between the fleets of the BASTION ACCORDS signatories and the BROTHERHOOD MAWRAUDERS. It is a calamitous blow against the capital of the GALACTIC ALLIANCE.

But even as the ashes settle, and CORUSCANT'S people lay buried beneath scorched rubble, not all is lost. Though its heart bleeds, the ALLIANCE is not yet beaten. The SENATE scrambles to unify a government divided by treachery while the JEDI regroup to catch their breath. The rift that threatened to undo them must be mended and PEACE is brought back to the heart of the galaxy. The BROTHERHOOD reveals itself as more dangerous than initially believed, with the power to pierce even the best-defended systems of civilized space.

Only in UNITY does the ALLIANCE stand a chance against such frightful foes, yet as CORUSCANT burns its people remain fractured ...

The Senate Deceived!
After years of manipulation and subversion, it is revealed that the Senator from Epoch is The Dark Lord Solipsis, Voice of the Sith. The Senate is helpless to counter the attack of the Brotherhood of the Maw, and is directly responsible for hindering the reaction and proactivity of The New Jedi Order by confining them to their temple.

Amidst the tumult, Chancellor Chandra barely survives her second assassination attempt. While the Chancellor has survived, and is in critical care, the killer succeeded in taking away Chandra’s last tether to human kindness: Her beloved husband.

The New Jedi Temple Desecrated!
Obliging The Senate’s direction, members of The New Jedi Order were confined to the New Jedi Temple. The optimal target in the scope of the New Sith Order.

Surprised by The Brotherhood’s attack, The Jedi’s attention is split between defending the temple and evacuating students into a place of safety. All Apprentices and students of the famed religion were evacuated to either Coruscant’s underlevels or areas where transportation could be arranged. The Jedi of the Silver Jedi Concord were intrinsic to the preservation of youngling lives, and showed up in the NJO’s time of need.

The Brotherhood Leaves their Mark!
From overhead, World Devastators blotted the skies, tearing the streets asunder while hundreds of marauders leaked into all levels of the ecumenopolis. The Defense Force and Local Security Forces are still left to contend with the lingering beasts within the under levels, and opportunistic criminals taking advantage of the chaos reaped by the dastardly foes from the Unknown Regions.

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