Define and redefine again and again what it means to do good.

Too many years, too many lives lost, too many worlds devastated; finally, THE SECOND GREAT HYPERSPACE WAR is finally over.

THE SECOND GREAT HYPERSPACE was a war initiated by THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE MAW that initiated after the ANNIHILATION OF CSILLA and spanned over several years and indiscriminately targeted The Galaxy at large. THE BROTHERHOOD’s vision was to see the galaxy undone and rebuilt with only the strong. Here is a link to Omnibus I and Omnibus II.

After all the terror and destruction unleashed on the galaxy at large, THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE MAW has been destroyed. In the wake of their destruction, further undoing spreads all around THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE’s borders, former allies and enemies crumble beneath the pressure of unrest, uncertainty and civil conflict. No longer able to sustain themselves, THE EMPIRE THE ENCLAVE, THE ETERNAL EMPIRE, and THE ASHLAN CRUSADE collapse one after the other. In their stead, new dawns are rising in the Outer Rim.

The space the galactic powers of THE SECOND GREAT HYPERSPACE WAR once occupied has become a void. A power vacuum.

But emptiness does not mean stillness. The galaxy is never without conflict. While the obvious enemies have been destroyed, THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE’s newfound peace is tenuous, and now the challenges of a post-war galaxy rear their head: refugees, economic imbalance, and differing ideals.

Is peace truly just the absence of war? And how far should the citizens and representatives of THE GALACTIC ALLIANCE be willing to go to maintain such peace?



The Senate has long stood unchanged in terms of policy since its birth. Now is the time to change that.

The needs of a massive nation and values from newly acquired space to the Galactic Alliance influence will drive these shifts starting with breaking party lines to press a new axis of power. Rampant expansion or careful isolation, foreign intervention or sovereign respect – new positions will drive new tensions. Senators may find common ground with past foes, but no matter what policy wins the day, someone will be slighted.


WOUNDS OF PEACE | Join The New Jedi Order
For years, The Jedi of The New Jedi Order have had to stretch the definition of Peacekeeper in the war. Now no longer fighting on the front lines or hunted by bloodthirsty Sith Orders, they are able to provide support to worlds within, and outside of, Alliance Borders.

Missions that had once been for war, are now split between providing relief, restoring Light to darkened worlds, and embracing the moralities that define what it means to be a Jedi.



The Strategic Intelligence Agency’s duty is always to protect The Alliance from threats, whether internal or external. With the fall of major powers of evil, the SIA’s primary focus is to ensure the ideologies of fallen enemies do not have ground to rise again.​

Preventing the resurgence of old threats is kept in balance with diplomatic missions and reconnaissance deployments to understand the newer threats that bloom beyond the Outer Rim.


SCARS OF WAR | Join the Defense Force

To stand up to the threats of the Maw, Imperials and the Sith, the GADF transformed from planetary local troops to a vast federalized army. Two out of three have been vanquished —and reports indicate that the third has resurfaced and grown rapidly farther away in the Galaxy. Their threat level remains unclear, but after the lessons learned from The Second Great Hyperspace war, is The Galactic Alliance keen on waiting to find out? Will GA High Command act in accord with the slow-paced, bureaucratic, decision making of The Senate?

With no clear enemy to fight, tension rises within The GADF’s large military presence.