It had been a little over a half a year since Yuroic Xeraic had fallen while defending the Anzat world. Most had gotten on with their lives and the galaxy continued to go about its business, however a small company that produced holovids were busy completing his final requests. It had taken awhile for them to organise the holovids and then even longer for them to transport them to the relevant people. Apparently Yuroic in his infinite wisdom just gave them names and roughly which factions that they were a part of when he was alive. The holovid company were not pleased that he didn't offer an address or at least planet for everyone but he paid them a more than decent amount for the job so they begrudgingly complied and located the people that were mentioned in the holovid.

Appearing on their door was a note with a holovid, it was written by Yuroic and stated:


So reading this, I must have passed away. Hopefully this arrives not long after my passing but it is a holovid I made before my illness worsen and I wanted you to have something to keep in memory of me and something to listen to when you are struggling if it helps.



Opening the holovid, a close up image of Yuroic's face, a healthy face that was from when he was well. His eyes staring forward as he mouths a couple of things, then some fingers appear in front of his large close up face.

"Oh, is it recording audio now? Great... Wait, stand back? Are you sure? Ohhh, my face is too close, really? I didn't think it would be. Huh. Okay," Yuroic steps back so that his face is not a blurry close up and you can see his head and upper torso. "Better? Yeah, great. Thanks, normally get a Padawan to do this for me."

Looking forward, Yuroic gives a small but sad smile, "so, by now I must be dead. I hope that we spent as much time together as we could and I hope this vid helps you move forward because that is all I want for you, don't linger and just know I will always be thinking of you." Pausing, Yuroic lets out a small sigh and then started talking again, " Jairdain My love, I am sorry that I am not around with you anymore. I love the family that we built, something that I never thought I would have when I was younger, this life we created together was more than I ever thought I would have when I was first a Padawan. I will always be with you and I will always love you, I will remember the nights we spent together, the night skies I carved in wood for you so that we could share those moments. I am so thankful that you settled for a mess like me, you deserved better and I hope that you are able to move forward and live your life. I would hate it if you just ended up a hermit, that isn't the life for you and I know that our kids will need you more now than ever."

" Asaraa Vaashe hey big shot, hope that you and Caedyn are living a great life wherever you are in the CIS, and that Dreidi isn't too much of a handful though if she is then that's on you. The pair of you are much too similar for my liking. Also... Hoping that you and Caedyn having broken up at this point otherwise this message will be really outdated... Maybe I should delete that part... Oh... I don't think I can... Sorry! Anyway, I hope that you are still working hard my first Padawan and yes, probably by best since you are my daughter. I love you dearly and I hope that you aren't causing too much trouble with whatever you are doing within the CIS, Dreidi tried mentioning your job there but I think she got a little confused or misunderstood what you said. I remember when I first took you on, your dreams of visiting every planet in the galaxy, the drive to see everything and do everything you could as a Jedi, how you were so dedicated to helping others. I also remember that you didn't always have pink hair, that was certainly a surprise when I found out that you changed, still not sure how it happened but I am proud of the Jedi you are today and so proud with how much you have achieved, you are a much better Jedi than I ever was and I know you will push Dreidi to be great too. I love you and I will always be with you."

" Nitya Xeraic My little Nitya, well you are little now, hopefully when you get this message you will be a full grown woman. I see so much of your mother in you that it makes me smile, I know that you will go on to do great things and I trust that you will be as clear headed as your mother, I will always be with you and while I can only pray that I am able to see the adult you become, right now I can only see the little girl with a big heart and who has to deal with her younger sister. Please don't cause your mother too much trouble with Dreidi."

" Kyra Perl So Kyra, I know that currently our time together hasn't been long and that you had to deal with me being grumpy and old, I did tend to act more like a father than a mentor with you. I hope that you are doing well that you are able to find the Jedi inside you that I can see, the caring person that only wants to help others and enjoy life, that is someone that I admire and only wish is that you grow stronger and find that drive as a Jedi that you are struggling with. Just remember that you have friends and family that care for you and will always be there for you. Hopefully I get to see the Jedi you become and our relationship remains strong even if my health declines."

" Dreidi Xeraic Right now, you are a little girl bothering me to play in the garden, hoping that when this message reaches you that you are a full grown woman and that we have spent many years together. I know that it must have been tough growing up with me being ill but just know that I love you, will always love you and will always be around even in your darkest times to support you. I hope that you grow into a strong, caring woman, that you listen to your mother and Master as well. Sure one day you will be a great Jedi and no matter what, I am always proud of you."

Wiping away his tears, Yuroic sighs once more, "I am so sorry that I can no longer be with you physically, just know that wherever I am, you are all in my heart. Hopefully we meet again one day, but not too soon." Leaning forward, Yuroic ends the recording, freezing the frame on his face looking at the camera with a warm smile.