"There was an end and there's a beginning"

So, Yuroic Xeraic has died. My first OC, the character I have been writing in one way or another for over ten years has reached an end of his story. Yuroic had some really interesting stories, radical development and different faceclaims over the years. I never stopped enjoying writing as Yuroic and I am so grateful to everyone that helped me create the great character I had. I would tag everyone but I don't think anyone wants a random tag into this blog post, just know that I appreciate you all and that I could write a huge paragraph about each of you and how much you meant to me as a writer and Yuroic as a character. His journey hasn't always been ideal, some of his stories were less developed at times than I would have liked, or I think with hindsight I could have written them better especially as I became a much more engaged part of SJO at the time. However, his progression as a character was great and he got to an ending I foresaw in him a couple of years ago. I already miss writing as Yuroic and he will always be my first character on Chaos, but as the quote above says, there was an end and there's a beginning.​

As much as I wish I could write Yuroic more, he reached his end, it was natural for me though others might see it as a surprised or sudden in terms of it happening now. But his decline with dementia would have only gotten worse and I never wanted to write him dying that way, it wasn't the way he wanted to die. One could argue that he didn't have to have dementia but the stories for me that came from that, they were emotional, meaningful and explored Yuroic in a vulnerable light he never let himself be seen in. Moving forward though, I will be writing a lot more of Dreidi, his daughter and my lost Echani Kat, two characters I am really looking forward to pushing more and understanding their characters as intimately as I did Yuroic's. They will never fill that hole of Yuroic, but I never expect them to, I expect them to create entirely new stories and adventures for me to enjoy even more. Especially Dreidi, there is so much that I didn't get to do as Yuroic that I could through her now.​

I figured I would write an OOC post on Yuroic's death, my feelings on losing my first OC and the outlook I have on the story moving forward. For me, it was never about Yuroic lasting forever. It was a legacy, a family that I could continue and explore. Since Star Wars has always meant family to me, not a single character lasting forever. Even if Disney decided in the end that was what it meant to them. (Yes, I am looking at you Rise of Skywalker!) So, feel free to share memories of Yuroic or tell me off for killing him off but I thought it would be nice for me to share my thoughts and give everyone a chance to share theirs if they wanted to! I shall end this message with one last Green Arrow quote:​

"Dying is the easy part. The real heroes, they are the ones who have to keep going."