It has been a week later since the reboot of Yuroic and what has happened so far. At first, not a lot, it was a slow start for me to get the character going, he needed to find a Master, get an introduction thread started so that I knew he was getting his training started. But once that started he worked well, now getting into friendly fights with Sith Jedi, training his powers and exploring the galaxy outside the Temple.
His slow start bugged me for awhile, I was hoping he would be able to just leap into a faction and get everything started and be in a much "stronger" position with his powers by now but I am glad it didn't work that way. His slow start meant that I could think of how I wanted his progression to work, did I want to just jump straight into action and forget that his background would hinder such actions.
I think it was stuff like that I missed last time around, I was too focused on him being a Knight then a Master to fully develop his character. Why, when given the chance to just jump to Knight, I chose to have my character stay at a Padawan level. His mental state is in a fragile place. Mere words can change his entire attitude to a person, even if misinterpreted.
Anyway, a short look into the first week of Yuroic's transition from no one to Jedi Padawan of Arisa Yune. Yeah, SJO is where he's based.
Til next time...