So, starting a blog. Just thought be nice to keep a record of my thoughts and a place to keep and manage Yuroic's development over time.
I know there's the profile that I can use to keep a record of Yuroic's progress but I think this might help too, just to see it in stages and track where I want the character to go to next. So for the moment let me break down the character in his current state and where he wants to progress.
Yuroic started life as an orphan, banned on a planet where he wasn't properly cared for and suffered a great deal due to poverty and mistreatment of the smuggler he worked under. This has lead him to mistrust others and work more as a lone wolf character, however, there is a need for a parental figure in his life. Someone to look up to and admire, though if the person later abuses this bond or betrays him then it could shatter him beyond repair. Possibly sending him deep into the dark side of the Force. So a closed heart is a protective nature he has developed in order not to risk that.
His actions could be thought of as selfish due to his high demand in self preservation and this is because all he has know is hardship and that others look out for themselves first and only most of the time. It has become a learnt behaviour to neglect the protection of others at the risk of oneself. It means that there is a lot for a Jedi to change in his mindset, which I'm really looking forward to. This character didn't start well when I created him couple of years back, I rushed his beginning, missing crucial character defining moments that I am now hoping to rectify. He is unlikely to travel the path that was originally planned for him. (In the first character profile he had become a grey Jedi.)
I have also noticed that my writing style for him was difficult, to say that, it can be hard at times to limit your character or push them into very dangerous situations without wanting them to have a safety blanket. So I would throw him into deep ends and demand that he live when retrospectively it wasn't entirely possible. Thankfully, with this new start and the new look I have at writing I think I have a chance for my character to remain out of dangerous situations until his abilities are on par with the opponents. Though this does mean there will be a lot of training posts and a steep learning curve for the character to get to that point which could mean a slow start. Something I never enjoyed before, wanting to jump straight into the thick of it all.