Rain poured from the dark skies, accompanied by a roar of wind that kicked up bits and pieces in its path. Sand was the biggest issue, stinging any bits of exposed skin. Sand tinkled lightly against windows,fruitlessly trying to enter any crack or crevice that showed signs of weakness. Debris joined in the fray, scattering across once well manicured spaces and clinging to roofs like tired party decorations.
Inside the large,white beach house a few lights remained on, warmth in the dark and angry world that lay just a several steps beyond the welcoming walls. The door from the garage to the kitchen would creak open, revealing one wet and disheveled former farmboy.
The kitchen was warm, inviting. Cold hands went to the buttons on his shirt, trying to take the damp garment off. Stupidly the tie had been forgotten about, hindering the progress from already tired hands. Grumbling, he reached for the tie and loosened it. Engrossed in his work, Judah didn't notice his wife walking in. However, her laughter did reach his ears.
"So we get undressed in the kitchen now?" Driftwood brows raised, questioning him.
"I heard you coming down the stairs, I wanted to be ready."
Boyish grin shot her way and Thessa audibly groaned at his comment. Silt covered shoes were left by the door as he crossed the distance between them, silencing her with a quick kiss. Aquamarine scaled hands batted his out of the way, finishing the buttons on the dress shirt.