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Intent: To create a ocean-based green energy option.

Development Thread: None

Manufacturer: Salacia Consolidated

Model: Ocean Energy Combine

Affiliation: Open to all Salacia Consolidated customers

Modularity: No

Production: Production[background=: Mass produced [/size]

Material: Durasteel, durasteel piping, various pumps, various pistons, durafiber[for screens/filter], inflatable bladders

Description: The idea behind the Ocean Energy Combine is to provide words with abundant water an alternative source of energy. Sitting on the surface of the water are bladders of air bobbing along the waves acting as a buoy for the piston system attached below the waves. As the the waves cause the buoys to rise and fall, water is pulled into the pistons and pushed into the durasteel pipes. As the waves continue, the water is pushed into a storage tank located higher than sea level on the shore [stilts may have to be used in some areas ]. The ocean water falls through a filter screen, pushing out larger pollutants found. Passing through the screen into the lower collection tank, the water is then forced down to run through a fan-like generator. The water powers the generators 'blades' much like a water wheel, creating energy to be used immediately or stored in power banks. The filtered ocean water is then flushed back into the ocean, unchanged save the removal of some/most pollutants.

+ Excellent for large ocean worlds where infrastructure is not feasible [multiple small land masses, scattered islands]

+ Filters various pollutants out of the water, putting cleaning ocean water back than what was pumped in.

+ No real costs beyond initial equipment purchase, ideal for small villages, settlements or private users.

- Marine life can get entangled in the buoys, regular checks needed.

+/- Buoys must be placed away from shore due to potential wave energy disruption and its effects on the coastline.

- Buoys/pistons/filters need to be regularly cleaned/serviced to ensure maximum function.

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