[background=rgb(30,30,30)]Template for upgrade from Tier V to Tier VI
  • Sign a contract with another two different major factions OR Tier 5+ companies.
  • Display growth through three passive expansions of your company.
  • Display growth through three active expansions of your company.
  • Successfully complete a project of immense proportions.
  • Obtain the permanent sponsorship of a different major faction, OR the sponsorship of a different Tier 6 Company that is not a previous contract, OR a substantial expansion in another way.

Contract(Major Faction, Tier V+)
Blank Canvas : Lowick - Contract for new Lowick Facility
Dominion of Terminus - Sponsorship, expansion of biofuel.
Passive Expansion:
Growing en Mass - Biofuel sales
V is for Vong - Biofuel Sales
Active Expansion :
Paging Dr. Robinson - Salacia expands its medical facility (30 posts)
TRE Dom of Yavin - Judah sells Yavin, gets back Sedna Mining Corp.

T6 Project Threads :
Sailing - Beginning oceanic research for project
Galactic Alliance Dom Devaron/Aleen - Discovery of metals for project

Perm Sponsorship or 100+ Dev (Most likely 100+ Dev)
Down on the Pharm - Perm sponsorship from PharmaTech