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[background=Name:[/size][background= Zejian “Mr.Zej” Tenro [/size]
[background=Loyalties: Salacia Consolidated [/size]
[background=Role:[/size][background= Director of Salvage Operations for Salacia Consolidated[/size]
[background=Development Threads:[/size][background= [url=""]Fish Out of Water[/url]
[background=Age:[/size][background= 52 (Galactic Standard Years)[/size]
[background=Species:[/size][background= Pantoran [/size]
[background=Force Sensitivity:[/size][background= No[/size]
[background=Appearance:[/size][background=[size=3] Overweight, bald and blue. Mr.Zej typically wears a vac suit while on the job for salvaging assignments, preferring to be in the "thick of things". When not in the confines of space, he will typically wear bib overalls or rugged work pants and simple shirts. Very utilitarian in nature.
[background=Personality:[/size][background= Larger than life[/size]
[background=Weapon of Choice:[/size][background= Hydrospanner and Common Sense [/size]
[background=Wealth:[/size][background= Being a operations director for Salacia Consolidated, Mr.Zej is moderately wealthy by Core Standards.[/size]
[background=Combat Function:[/size][background= Slightly below average. Mr.Zej is a overweight,middle aged man. However,he has the power of experience due to his age. Mr.Zej is a decent shot with a blaster but is no sharpshooter. He had tangled with pirates and unsavory spacers before, generally relying on wits, personality and threats to escape. A natural leader, his combat skills are best when he is leading the charge. [/size]
[background=Skills:[/size][background=[size=3] Excellent salvager. Knowledgeable of matters such as construction, starship design, and astronavigation.
[background=Notable Possessions:[/size][background= Home on Pantora, a collection of various old relics he finds on the job (his favorite : post-Rebellion era). [/size]
[background=Other Notes:[/size][background=[size=3] Mr.Zej was born on Pantora to an average family, one involved in the business of shipping along the great spacelanes. Tagging along with his extended family, Zej picked up a great deal of knowledge about how to navigate the space lanes with ease. Upon reaching his teenage years, Zej struck out on his cousins shipping freighter, working as a mechanic for the operation. He worked his way up the ranks, holding a variety of jobs before searching for a new challenge. Brought on as a navigation consultant for a large salvaging company, Mr.Zej was introduced to the world of scouring wrecks. He took to it instantly and loved helping crews navigate to wrecks. Zej was found and recruited by Salacia Consolidated once the company was large enough, using a large compensation package to woo Mr.Zej to work for them. In the compensation package, a shiny new title : Director of Salvage Operations. Zej is responsible for all salvage operations by Salacia and only answers to Judah Dashiell directly.
[background=[size=3]Due to his constant on-the-move nature of the jobs throughout his life, Zej has never been married nor does he have any kids (that he knows of). He is however, the proud uncle to three nieces who live back on Pantora. While family and his homeplanet are important, work is his true passion and he feels most at home on his command freighter, hopping from wreck to wreck.

[background=Intent:[/size][background= To flesh out and provide a face for Mr.Zej, as the NPC is widely used in many current RPs and his role will continue to expand in the future. [/size]