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Intent: To create a personal, portable air scrubber for general use or times of emergency.
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Manufacturer: Salacia Consolidated
Model: CholroScrub
Affiliation: Open Market
Modularity: None
Production: Production[background=: Mass Produced [/size]
Material: CO2 loving algae strains, tubing, durasteel, micron filters, electrical circuits, and various other small bits(screws,faceplate,etc)
Description: Trapped in a situation with low oxygen? CholroScrub looks to remedy the situation. Using algae to soak up CO2, the CholroScrub filters the air in the surrounding area to provide a better breathing environment. As air is drawn into the filters, it passes through porous filter contained in water. The algae strain found within the water feeds on the CO2, releasing oxygen as their byproduct. This oxygen is released back out of the unit, increasing the overall levels within the area of the user. CholroScrub can supplement oxygen for a standard male at a moderate activity level. Multiple units should be used as the population increases in the room, ideally one unit per average user.
+Oxygen - You need to breath, why not breath better with CholroScrub? Removes CO2 and replaces it with oxygen, perfect for organisms who require it to live.
+Sturdy - Fewer moving parts and delicate electronics means less wear and tear on the unit. Can go through environmental extremes without having great difficulty.
-Algae - The pull-out filter replacement must be changed roughly every six months. Within the filter replacement is the filter contained in the water/algae mixture, complete with fertilizer to keep the algae at its peak. Without replace, expect decreased output and eventual failure.
-Battery Life - Can only run roughly five hours per charge. Can rapidly charge within the span of thirty minutes, standard galactic time. Unit will work while charging. Can be installed to a dedicated power source if the user desires, although it nullifies the portability of the product.
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