Citizens of the Eternal Empire!

The STRATCOM issued information for the last time quite a long time ago, in recent months we have made a very big effort to find the Emperor and the Empress and bring them home. A few days ago, their ship emerged out of nowhere outside the borders of the Empire. I personally led a team on board, with the approval of the STRATCOM, where our worst fears were proven. Everyone knows that we suspected that it was not some kind of accident, but an assassination behind the disappearance.

All this was confirmed, as was the fact that the Imperial couple was stuck in another dimension. We found no lives on the ship, but no dead ones. Everyone is gone. A member of our research team was able to contact the Emperor, who could warn us. They were on the ship, just trapped in another dimension, and they can’t come back. That we have to leave the ship because they have been trapped and everyone will be on board because of the assassin. His last order was to leave the ship and we need to continue his previous work.

After the ship was destroyed, we even had to close a rift that would have engulfed the entire Empire and the Unknown Region. It was the hardest decision of my life to make to obey his last command. He sacrificed his life for me, for the soldiers who were on the ship and for the whole Eternal Empire.

After the events, we were also able to complete the investigation and managed to track down the group who were responsible for the death of the Emperor and the Empress, along with so many loyal soldiers and officers. And those in charge are none other than Eclipse Rebellion and House Arenais. They will all pay for what they have done.

Our Emperor has neither legal nor illegitimate descendants and has often informed us that he does not consider as his heir neither Adron Malvern nor Faye Malvern who qualify as traitors in our state. It is for this reason that, under the law, it is the duty of the Overlord to establish a new Imperial Dynasty.

I am aware that almost everyone has heard the unfounded rumours that I am behind the disappearance of the Emperor, so that his throne may be mine. Nothing could be further from reality. That is why I offer that if there is anyone the people of the Eternal Empire would prefer to see on the throne from the STRATCOM or the Imperial Assembly than me, it will be decided by military election and voting who will rise to the rank of Emperor or Empress. It is possible to nominate people next month.

But in the meantime, since the Eternal Empire cannot remain without leadership, I will serve the Eternal Empire as Eternal Empress on behalf of the STRATCOM from today, in the spirit that our first Emperor, Darth Tacitus, has assigned to us. His wisdom and knowledge will lead us further down this path to victory. His death will not be in vain!

Long live the Empire!