The Third SSB Expo is now live!

Come join in and mingle with various companies. Make contracts. Buy items at a discount!

Join in here.


It is that time again! The moment all ya'll fine ladies and gentlebeings have been waiting for!!

Here comes the return of the South Systems Business Bazaar Auctions and Expo!

Just like last year, I will be hosting a series of grand auctions and Expo for all those desiring to sell last years products at a cheaper rate and showcasing your new ones.

For those businesses who are interested, please list your name and if you could list (with hyperlinks) the items you are willing to auction off or sell at a lowered price.

A hyperlink of your company in the Market forum would also be appreciated, and if you haven't registered in SSS Business Directory to become a registered business, please do so for discounts!

Learning from previous auctions an
d expos, do remember that this means it will start at a very low price that will rise depending on just how many bids there are. Any auctions will be moving at a quick pace to keep the hype up and follow the current Auction Rules, with SSB gathering 10% percentage commission of final sales.

This is also a way to promote your products, perhaps offering such service for custom orders at a discounted price. This is also a way to gather business if you are looking to level up to the next tier level!
  • 10 credit entrance fee for those members wishing to partake within the auction to buy items or enter the expo.
  • Starting at 10,000 credits price per holobooth per business. Larger booths cost extra.
  • If you are a SSB registered Business, you get a 10% discount on booth rentals.
  • ​Small - 10,000.
  • Medium - 25,000.
  • Large - 50,000
  • Warehouse - 100,000
  • Orbital Space -- Prices may vary.
[font=verdana]~Danger Arceneau
Arceneau Trade Company
South Systems Syndicate and Business Bazaar

[size=5]Expo HoloBooths [ Discounted Items and Wares, New products]
[size=2]This will be an actual roleplay thread where everyone can mingle, browse products, make contracts, and network.
[url=""]SSB EXPO SELLERS [/url]

  1. Arcrystal
  2. InVal Cybernetics
  3. Hekler'Kok Defense Industries
  4. Browncoat Arms & Industrial
  5. Haven Shipyards
  6. PharmaTech
  7. Blas-Tech
  8. Whyren's Distillery
  9. Mara Tibx & Fuels