This auction will run for 48 hours only. This auction will close at 7:00 p.m. May 9, 2018 EST
Vanir Technologies

Auction Lots
Barter preferred.
  • Lot A : 1x SI-17 Stealth Blaster - Fires Completely Silent & Invisible Bolts - Starting bids at $5,000
  • Lot B : 1 x VT-Particle Bow - A powerful energy bow made of phrik, used for fighting force users - Starting bids at $5,000
  • Lot C:1 x VT/ATC-Jumpkit - A piece of equipment that allows one to mimic the agility of force users - Starting bids at $10,000
  • Lot D: 1 x VT- Multipurpose Utility Gauntlet - an amalgam of the grave glove and micro laser emitter - Starting Bids 15,000
  • Lot E: 1x VT- Null Generator This generator produces a Force nullification field similar though not entirely the same as the one projected by Ysalimir - Starting bids at $500,000
  • VT-Disruptor Lens - Lightsaber Modification that allows one to cut through Yuuzhan Vong Amphistaffs and Vonduun Skerr Kyrric. This auction will count as the dev thread requirement to acquire it.
    • Lot F - 1 x VT Lens - Starting bids at $50,000
    • Lot G - 1 x VT Lens - Starting bids at $50,000
    • Lot H - 1 x VT Lens - Starting bids at $50,000
  • Lot I: 1 x VT-Nerve Helm - Allows a NFU pilot to match and exceed the reaction times and perception of Force Users Starting bids at $500,000
  • Lot J: 1 x VT-Command Throne - Allows a single person to control an entire Starship with minimal Crew Starting bids at $1,000,000
Multi-Person Ships
  • Lot K: 1 x VT-Sliver - Civilian Luxury Yacht Starting bids at $100,000
  • Lot L: 1 x VT-Varactyl - Fast, highly modular, Escort Freighter Starting bids at $100,000
Artemis Station - Corporate Station in the Mid Rim
Artemis Station is one of the largest Space Stations in the galaxy. From end to end the station stretches to nearly ten thousand meters, and its design is created to suit the needs of hundreds of thousands of people. Upon the station, there are dozens of residential zones, commercial zones, industrial sectors, and whatever else you might find on a planet geared towards the production of goods and services. Artemis Station was created with the idea of bringing to it as many companies and people it could.
Available in lots and estates of 5% (1.675 cubic kilometres) and 1% (0.335 cubic kilometres).
Starting bids at ...
  • LotM: 5% - $200,000
  • LotN: 5% - $200,000
  • LotO: 1% - $50,000
  • LotP: 1% - $50,000