This auction will run for 48 hours only. This auction will close at 7:04 p.m. May 12, 2018 EST

[font=tahoma]Sasori Research and Design + Sasori a Tier VI Company
If you prefer to barter items, please state so. [/font]
  • LotA: Sasori Kojie - Force enhanced bag able to store a lot of equipment - Open for Barter bids
  • LotB: Saotome Artisan Droid: A highly specialized crafting droid able to build, repair and upgrade ships as well as offer insights on lightsaber construction. - Open for Barter bids
  • LotC: Saotome Advanced Drone "Rekali Sphere": An advanced training and defensive remote created for the jedi based off of the ancient darrow sphere. - Open for Barter bids
  • Lot D: Saotome Fallanassi Upgrade: Holographic image disguiser for a ship -barter
  • LotE: Saotome Tengu: Highly advanced stealth x-wing - Open for Barter bids
[font=tahoma]THE WRETCHED HIVE: A T6 Workshop specializing in starship modifications
[font=tahoma]AUCTION -
Barter preferred.[/font]
  • Lot F: Lakeshore Star Yacht | A customized Naboo courier, hyperdrive rating 0.2. | Starting bid: One starship, limited production or better.
  • LotG: Thrifter Salvage Boat | A rare ship capable of turning wrecks into aftermarket rigs. | Starting bid: One starship, limited production or better.
  • LotH: Merrill Lighthouse | A standalone or ship-compatible navigational beacon. | Starting bid: Technology of comparable value, or 500,000 credits.
  • Lot I:Stealth package | Includes stealth rigging guide, various bits of technology, and the right to use Wretched Hive as a co-manufacturer, meaning exemption from stygium thread requirements for a semi-unique ship line of your creation. | Starting bid: Technology of comparable value, or 100,000 credits.
[font=tahoma]Primo Victorian Shipwright: Tier V Shipwright Company
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[font=tahoma]MandalArms - Marketplace (T3 - Weapons and Armor)
  • LotN:personally custom designed unique Armour set - Starting Bid $10000
  • LotO:A personally custom designed unique personal weapon - Starting Bid $10000