This auction will run for 24 hours only. This auction will close at 4 pm EST 04/20/15



Hekler'Kok Special Edition Blaster Mark II[/url]
Starting-Bid: 2,500 Credits

Item: 1x Silver-Plated Hekler'Kok Special Edition Blaster Mark I
Starting Bid: 7,500 Credits

Item: Custom Set of Armor
Starting Bid: 25,000 Credits

I N C O M [/color][/url]
Starting Auction – 50,000 Credits.

1X Incom Corporation/Frei-Tek E-27 E-Wing Defender
Link -
Starting Auction – 45,000 Credits.

2X Incom Corporation XA-5 X-Wing Starfighters (Separate Units)
Link -
Starting Auction – 20,000 Credits (Per Unit)

Note – Will accept trades on all units.

Incom Corporation will provide a limited warranty with all products and assist with maintenance and upkeep for up to six standard months. Incom Corporation would like to note – any tampering with products beyond modification (i.e Attempts to reverse engineer or reproduce in any manner…) can cause hardware, software of general failure within its products.

A r c e n e a u T r a d e C o m p a n y

Bartering is preferred than credits

If reserve price is not hit, items will be removed from auction.

AEL[/url] that are no longer available to purchase.

Company for Sale

Laravan Corporation[/url]
Operations: Vehicle Manufacturing, Niche Equipment & Special Orders Manufacturing
Locations: Sorrus
Mini Description: A vehicle and equipment manufacturer based on Sorrus, within Mandalorian Space, Laravan Corporation was created circa 837 ABY with the intention to introduce a source for civilian luxury vehicles. Though such didn't pan out, it soon ventured into the realm of the military industry with the introduction of its heavily armed, and fast, land speeder, as well as their highly advanced visual tracking display capable of being equipped to both land based vehicles and starships that support the display addition.