This auction will run for 48 hours only. This auction will close at 12:00 p.m. 1/18/2016

SSB Auction:


Hegemonic Automaton

Auction Lots

  • [Lot A] [x01] Custom Designed, Mass Produced Droid
    Starting at cr100000
  • [Lot B] [x01] Custom Designed, Minor Produced Droid
    Starting at cr55000
  • [Lot C] [x01] Custom Designed, Unique Droid
    Starting at cr25000

Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps[/url]
  • 1 x Prototype J-type Apailana-class Elite Transport | Only five production models of this ship were ever made, and all were sold in pre-order. This is the sixth, the prototype that started it all. Starting price: 10,000,000cr. Barter accepted.
  • 1 x J-type Amidala-class Elite Transport | For the true citizen of the galaxy. Get anywhere, stay connected. Only five ever made. Starting price: 7,000,000cr. Barter accepted.
  • 1 x K-Type Star Yacht | A glamorous capital-scale yacht, fully outfitted, large enough to carry its own escort and small enough to be personal. Starting price: 500,000cr. Barter accepted.
  • 72 x GN-0401 Virtue Bomber | A full wing of a gorgeous, battle-tested light bomber boasting unusually lethal ordnance. Starting price: 5,000,000cr. Barter accepted.
  • 12 x Mantaris-class Amphibious Colony Transport | Capable of extended operation in air, space, or deep water. Suitable for colony creation and mass transit of any kind of lifeform. Twelve of them will give you a head start on creating a serious colony virtually anywhere. Starting price: 5,000,000cr. Barter accepted.
  • 1 x pre-order on the upcoming Panaka-class | An elite starfighter with a very limited production run, plated in handcrafted Mandalorian iron. Starting price: 700,000cr. Barter accepted.
  • 72 x Royal Air Cruiser | A wing of classic combat airspeeders armed with full-scale turbolasers. Starting price: 2,000,000cr. Barter accepted.
  • 1 x custom vessel contract | One unique custom-built vessel, of any size and mission profile, based on Theed Hangar aesthetics.

Damorian Manufacturing + Damorian Manufacturing
Barter Preferred