Day 17: Myrkr
It's been a while since I logged in this journal, but I couldn't help it. The vornskr attack did more damage than i realized and it took me forever just to regain my footing. The ashlans needed calming and it took both Ace and Daeda helping me to stop the hiving frenzy and a full day after that for us to help the frenzied wolves regain their memories from the panic. Luckily, we now have more information. I called ina few underground favors and used what connections I had with the jedi to pull out information from deep inside the archives. In truth, I feel like one of the ancient masters. Obi-wan had a similar problem with the planet of Kamino. But I've a feeling, he was no where near this troubled by it. Anyways, we managed to get a general sector, somewhere on the inner rim. It took quite a few looks into the indecent reports, but I managed to find a trend of golden eyed species. Now all I need is to find out the exact sector. Then I work on the system and we'll be there in no time.