Name: Sirene Islands
Image Source: Link found here
Classification: Islands [both small]
Location: The Sirene Islands are located on the planet of Dac(or Mon Calamari). These islands are located well south of the Algae Sward sea, putting them out of the path of such phenomenon.
Size: Both islands are relatively small in size. The main island is slightly larger and will be the site of a residential structure. In terms of land in relation to the planet of Dac, their mass is insignificant.
Population: Insignificant. Population would fluctuate but never reach more than fifteen or so at one time.
Demographics: Human, Galan, Human-Galan Hybrid. Also, whatever species of guests would be invited, yet these would only be short term stays.
Points of Interest: Larger island will soon hold a structure. Off the coast of both, reefs abound. Local wildlife teem in the surrounding ocean. Small fishing village locatedto the north, roughly two hours away by boat.
Description: Found out in the vast oceans of Mon Cala, the Sirene Islands have been uninhabited for generations. As a result, native plants and animals have taken over the island. A large variety of tropical birds roost in the trees, taking a break from soaring over stretches of blue. Off the coast of the island, reefs are found in the water. Here a variety of corals live, bringing in a host of ocean life. For the moment, the islands are a piece of untouched wild on Mon Cala.

History: Created long ago during the formation of Mon Cala, long before any sentient species were found. Perhaps in the beginning natives would use the islands as a way point. It is also quite possible both small islands could have seen some activity during the Rebellion of long ago, perhaps as a meeting point or hideaway. Much is unknown because no record exists. Judah Dashiell bought the islands sight unseen before visiting shortly after purchase. The tiny island chain is named after his wife, Thessa Kai .
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