I hear you're round Wild Space right about now. Up by Chiss Space I reckon if my guess is correct. Things are moving rather quickly round the Ascendancy. I'm sure you've heard your father is doing what he can up there with the Houses with Vanir Technologies. Work always keeps him busy.
But busy is as busy does. He really shouldn't be spending so much at the office. He's dug his heels, but he's been getting out of that hole he's kept himself in. The few times I've seen him smile are round about the times you and Lily send word. So that's been keeping him perked up.
It's funny seeing him as he is now, compared to how he was then. Oh I'm sure he's regaled you with all sorts of tall tales. And oh, does your father have a way to spin tales. Always did.
One time back, we were in deep with a dire need to weasel out a pack of rats with some rather dangerous goods in their hands. Had it not been for your father, well... I'd rightly say there would be several folk hurt bad had it not been for his quick work. He might be rather full of himself from time to time, but he does have a good heart when it matters.
Careful out there by the Ascendancy, and if you're like me, you've an itch to dive right into it. But if you need anything, I've a frequency number of a friend of mine there that can help should you come to trouble. He has his quirks, but the man is good on his word and I trust him. Give him my name and he'll do right by you.
Beyond that, the 'Verse is your oyster.
Seize it tight with both hands.