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Minor Faction Romi Jade's Enclave Address

Romi Jade's Enclave Address
The Jakku Jedi Enclave
Regarding Jedi, Understanding, & A Step Forward

There is no doubt that there's been quite a bit of unease lately, we've been through a lot in a short amount of time -- tons of unnecessary tension, violence towards one another, raiders attacking and kidnapping the locals, the ongoing war, rapidly expanding the campus... I understand a lot of you feel torn, but I want to ensure you that however you're feeling is alright; this is a safe space to do so.

I've said this before, and I mean it, there's no one here I don't think believes in our sacred and overarching mission as Jedi. And with that, however you see fitting to assist is fine. Your contributions in each way is super important to the work we have to do. Despite what some people may think or not, that's why I found this Enclave. This is meant to be a space to safely find and explore the routes you want to take as it pertains to the Jedi way and how to go about dealing with the issues that plague the Galaxy.

In these walls, that will always be honored, regardless of congregational affiliation; You won't face any judgement. You're all welcome here.

Now, this is a place of learning. Not just about the Force and the Jedi way, but about the Galaxy. Respect for civilization, your brethren, and the inhabitants of this Galaxy force-sensitive and non-force sensitive alike, will be expected of you and should be the basis of education here. Control of your abilities, and the safety of those around you is of paramount importance. That requires understanding, and how do we get understanding? Trying things new to us, seeking guidance, examining the past, and absorbing the traditions around us among many things.

You all know I'm a woman of action. In that spirit, I'd like to announce the launch of a few new programs.

Enclave leaders across the galaxy have come together with an acknowledgement that existing structures and allegiances are more or less important to different Jedi, but that regardless of pique, opinions, or prevailing political and strategic winds, there should always be a cooperative connection between Jedi academies, and that the Jedi principles need to be protected as well as freely discussed in independent and non-political spaces. We'll be working together to create new Jedi who can make moral judgments on their own and have options of different environments that prioritize different skills, Code interpretations, and degrees of allegiance, but all within the bounds of Jedi tradition.

This new mechanism, will be implemented immediately across several active academies with access to a vast array of knowledge found all across the Galaxy.

You all will be provided stipends from a generic diversified investment fund founded by House Arenais which Jedi of any affiliation may withdraw credits for the purchasing of resources or payment of temporary residence, travel or any other services required.

And you all will be provided the opportunity to register for a new exchange study abroad program with the Levantine Astronautical Academy. In collaboration with the Rimward Trade League, Spacers Guild, and Commonwealth of Worlds, students will learn the finer points of navigation, exploration, starship engineering, command, tactics, diplomacy and the sciences. Enrollment is set to begin soon, and information can be found here.

These programs are effective immediately.
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