Image Source: (Lord Bowler's shotgun from Brisco County Jr.)
Intent: To create a weapon for the hrangers and Armatech agents
Development Thread: Can make one if needed
Manufacturer: Armatech/Sasori
Model: Plasma shotgun
Affiliation: Rangers/Silver jedi
Modularity: None
Production: Minor
  • Dallorian alloy
  • Diatium power cell
  • Phrik plating
  • Metal Matrix Composite
  • Terenthium
  • Biometric Handprint
Classification: Blaster
Size: Handheld
Length: .3m
Weight: 4kg
Ammunition Type: Twin beams of heated plasma
Ammunition Capacity: 2 shots per cell per barrel
Effective Range: 3m
Rate of Fire: Slow rate of fire, both shots are fired at the same time and the gun needs to cool down
Special Features: An energy weapon disguised as a slugthrower
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