Image Source: [x] - Cortana from Halo
Intent: To create an AI to aid the combat and efficiency of the Ranger's as well as protect QUiet
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Sasori Research
Model: AI
Affiliation: Sasori/Rac
Modularity: Can Learn new information
Production: Unique
  • AI Components
Description: Designed for the Saratai project as a sister to Quiet. The mapping and knowledge based AI that is handling the bulk of organization. The La Rasa AI is code-named Hellcat and designed in function to work as a combat AI. Loaded with ship and weapon schematics, military files on battles past as well as an adaptive algorithm to see a situation and adapt or recommend new tactics on the fly. She can link up with the Rac and the Ranger's like Willa for their armor and weapons to calibrate. Her ability to learn is nearly unlimited in a combat sense as tactics can evolve all the time and new ships or weapons can be designed. In other fields she consults Quiet her sister AI on what to do and only takes over if they are coming under attack. Personality wise she is very clinical and professional, presenting the situation as needed for them to deal with and handle. Usually chiming in with a monotone voice for the field or when working with others on the training holosuites.
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Project Saratai: