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Intent: To create a powerful slugthrower Willa can guide with the force as her powers advance
Development Thread:
Manufacturer: Armatech
Model: Blackwatch Rifle
Affiliation: Personal
Modularity: Under barrel attachments can be changed
Production: Unique
  • Beskar Casing
  • Metal Matrix Composite
  • Terenthium
  • Biometric Handprint
  • AI components
  • Slug Thrower Components
  • Focusing Crystals
  • Magnetic Coils
  • Gyro stabilization gimbal
Classification: Slugthrower
Size: Stationary
Length: 2m
Weight: 10kg
Ammunition Type: Slug
Ammunition Capacity: 1 shot
Effective Range:
  • 5km Effective
  • 8km Maximum
Rate of Fire: Single Shot
Special Features:Description:
Built by Willa for herself with her preferred style of fighting. As a long range support fighter as she fashioned it after the anti material rifle that had served her well for the longest time. The rifle is designed based off a shatter rifle, using magnetic rings to propel slugs longer distances and quietly at high speeds. Working with an engineer from Armatech who could they worked to tweak it so the slugs went through faster speeding it up with a compressed illerium to propel it.

The illerium gathered and used in the stoack with an on board computer hooked up to the AI La Rasa to provide better levels in the weapon. Calibration and compensation of their variables for the shot as a auto steady gimbal is attached to balance and reduce the recoil. The heavy casing of the rifle to withstand the shot as the work on the scope was done to be able to zoom in and penetrate surfaces, smoke and across sections of a world.
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