Why is more important than what...please hold that thought.
In 22 days, Corvus will be one-year old on this site. I wasn't planning a party - the last time I offered my place on the boards for a rendezvous, it got crashed. But my time on the boards is relevant.
Those that know me (yes, I can hear the groans from here as you know what I'm going to say next) will be aware I joined the boards to have fun and write a genuine RP experience. Because that's my background. I added a third objective early on - to help people - and it soon became the number one on the list.
Moreover, I joined to be Obi-Wan in a dress. With a large dose of Hermione thrown in for good measure (sorry Kana, painful memories I know). My view of Jedi is romantic, I know. I just wanted to run around with a lightsaber and do a few cool Jedi moves and save the Republic. A very simple desire.
And one that PvP was a perfect outlet for. Yes, the occasional person had a toy or two - but you either avoided them or sucked it up. But a year on and this writer - less than a year-old despite Corvus heading towards 5,000 posts - feels like a dinosaur.
Because PvP - from my perspective (and that's the key here) has turned into ToysvToys.
Before this Invasion I was in two minds if I participated. You see I've been in every Invasion and Dominion since I joined - with every character available, without fail. To not join in felt...wrong. Like a betrayal of the two Factions I am a member of (for this affects Melori and Maja too).
Now Maja will never participate in an Invasion. She's not built for them. Her skills lie in Sith Sorcery - and we all know how many people take hits from mental Force powers during an Invasion. It's like watching a bunny rabbit running into an elephant. The elephant acknowledges the rabbit's attack, but shrugs it off. Is this a generalisation? Of course. But read an Invasion thread and tell me it's not the rule rather than the exception.
Which leaves Corvus and Melori.
I am a romantic writer. For me, that translates to Jedi and Sith as wearing robes and carrying a saber - the Force is their armour. I can't be carrying around up to a dozen toys with me to 'beat' my opponent. Again, glancing through the recent Invasions, an FU that does not wear saber resistant armour at the very least is a rare sight. Many wear items that mean you can't hit them.
But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying writers should be fobidden from carrying and wearing these things. The rules allow them. In fact, the rules encourage them - given the behemoth that is the factory. Would I deny any writer the opportunity to use these items? Of course not. It's just I don't want to use them myself.
I am a drama queen and I like to be the centre of attention. I'll readily admit that. And I am regularly stubborn. I like to think I stick to my principles, but accept that comes across as obstinate a lot of the time. But just as writers are free to wear armour that means I can't hit them, or carry toys that mean I can't possibly have a chance to win a PvP, I have the right to abstain from PvP.
None of this has anything to do with the current Invasion. In truth, only part of my obdurate rant is because of toys. Many things have conspired to make me feel this way about PvP and the boards. But since a Dominion a while ago, I have wondered what is the point of fighting someone that you can't hit or use the Force against? Others might find that fun - a challenge even. I simply don't.
You see, I write and when it comes to these boards I role-play. What I avoid and if I'm honest loathe is people metagaming and god-modding. I seem to amaze people when after a post they ask why I did 'x' because their list of gadgets provides links to their properties and I would know that my attack would not work.
My response is simple (and potentially rude). I don't read bios or submissions, as Corvus can't tell from looking at you, what Abilities you have or what properties your ring has. People tend to look them up, so they can metagame avoiding them. Someone pointed out that their gadget had a weakness and if I read the submission, I'd see it and be able to exploit it. I pointed out Corvus doesn't have access to the Factory submission. I RP and avoid metagaming as best I can. A flaw that can't be readily exposed during a post or two in a thread without that insider knowledge is no weakness at all.
In fact too often, when faced with a situation IC where Corvus or Melori would be hit or even incapacitated, I am amazed by the advice I receive. And I don't mean to be rude to those that offer it (even though I guess I am being - sorry). Sometimes that advice comes from the person that attacked me. Which seems even funnier.
Remember that opening line? People tell me what I could do to avoid the hit. They can never tell me why I would avoid it. Without a why, it is simply metagaming and god-modding.
So, Corvus' last fight? Most likely? How will she fare? I enter the fight with precisely the same approach as I always do. I fear for her life. If an opponent pulls a move that should hit, it will hit. If that means death, I will call a kill. My first ever Invasion lasted two posts. I was a real newbie. Without god-modding I could not avoid two simultaneous hits. So I took them both and had to rely on being rescued (which fortunately happened). Yet my approach hasn't changed in all this time.
Sadly (and I really mean that) it seems I'll never have to worry again. But then, given both character's predicament, I might not be around to be concerned anyway :)
Facts are facts. Opinion of facts are just opinions. These are no more than opinions...and generalisations used to emphasise a point of view