I’m not one to plan my character’s development — which I know surprises some people — who think many of my threads are staged in advance. In truth I simply role-play situations and see where the posts take me.
But my latest character has me thinking about the path ahead, so I thought it prudent to put my thoughts down on paper, to help me to think things through.
So, in order of creation:
This could be a very interesting year. I would never have predicted she’d find love in 2015…but she did. And despite naïve beliefs, the course of true love never runs smooth. And I suspect her relationship with Braith will be a real test for her. But her love is undying, so that’s the one thing that’s not negotiable.
And added to the mix is the precarious position of the Republic. How many times can it get off the canvas and beat the count? Surely the referee will stop the bout? Or maybe the GR will be CHAOS’ Rocky and come good in the final round?
AKA Darth Zilti. Sometimes I admit to myself she’s my favourite…when the others aren't listening! She was the most organic of all my characters. Corvus started with a three-act story arc. Maja started not even knowing her planet of birth.
And I just love her sassy ways and willingness to throw herself into her emotions. But she lost her way in 2015 and is currently not being RPed. I need to bring her back in 2016, and will no doubt involve Zannah in that equation somehow. And she needs to solve her Vahla conundrum…given it was a promise she made to her older sister before she died.
AKA Darth Timoris. For some reason she’s overtaken Maja as my main Sith character — and 2015 was a roller-coaster year that ended on a real high.
No plans specifically for 2016 — other than to develop the next crop of One Sith — and resurrect the Academy she built on Tython. Oh…and go and get a certain Holocron!
So actually, quite a busy year ahead. And I had a plot hook that I’ve yet to use, which would really spice things up for the Raaf family. I tend to throw hooks into threads often. Sometimes they never get used, other times I go back and use them. And this one would be a shocker!
All I had for her was her saber Form and everything has grown from there. She’s become something of a pilot — much to my surprise — but still hasn’t found her niche within the GA. So 2016 will see her take on her first Padawan and cement her role within the GA.
I already have an idea for a small campaign of Dominions that would prove a lot of fun and occupy the first quarter of the year.
I’ll readily admit that she was inspired by the movie — but by two of the characters (not one) and one of the props. And my approach to her will be different — in that she’ll be at least 500 posts before she knows she’s Force Sensitive. So she’ll be RPed like an NFU.
And I have ten threads and a story arc for her attempts to find a ship already formed in my head (plus the promise of a ship at the end of it)…and am genuinely really excited about RPing her.
So…2016. I can’t wait :) :) :)