Vulpesen's eyes started to glaze over as he sat before a panel of advisors. Strewn about his Teradin wood desk were papers filled with legislation, each one giving its own take on how he might proceed to recreate his home. "We need to recreate the Military. Since the collapse of our main Alliance, we'll need to rebuild our forces to stave off attacks from any enemies we might have made in those days!" High General Claymus, the leader of the Veran Military. He was a heavy set man, his body was a wall of muscle. Behind him, a grey wolf like tail flicked and lashed out to emphasize certain words while his fist thumped on the desk."
"You can't be serious. Yes we might have lost a great deal of our forces, but quite a few did stay, and with the alliance, we've seen a large influx in population, more Zorrens than we even thought were alive! The enemies we made out there are for the most part dead by their own foes. No, i believe our greatest danger comes from within. Sir, you must give your funding to the senate so that we can start reconstructing our laws and order. The people's freedom must be secured by the safety of unity!" Lucas Gracin, a charismatic man who's white uniform was kept immaculate while a ruddy brown tail swayed cautiously behind him. While his hands were clawed as the rest of the Zorren population, they were kept as clean as his clothes, folded in front of him in a calming gesture. For Vulpesen, the difference between those two was night and day. One was hot blooded and lived for the fight. The other was the speaker for the senate, and proved it with his silver tongue and careful approach to life. And here they were, both petitioning Vulpesen for resources so large that it lay upon the Valde's shoulders to distribute them.
In the corner of the room sat another pair of people, both of whom Vulpesen seemed eerily similar to. They were of course, his parents. Garen and Carliah of House Torrevaso. The previous leaders of Veradune here to watch how their son might handle the new responsibilities of his post. He was no doubt a skilled warrior. But could he be an equal king?
For a moment, Vulpesen sat silently, hands folded in front of him as the senator and general started to devolve into arguing. Back and forth between defense or laws. Yet for him, the answer was so simple. Why defend rubble? What makes a person feel safer than the walls of their own home? His hands clapped down on the desk, not overly forceful, but certainly loud enough to pull Claymus and Gracin out of their 'discussion'. "Gentlemen, I thank you for your council, but there is another problem here. Since the bandits left, the damage from our attack and their occupation still remains in certain areas. We need to fix this damage and give our people a city worthy of the beauty on our planet. With our walls we will be safe. With the beauty of our cities, we will have the pride to avoid doing wrong."
The small speech stunned both the advisers. Each one had thought that even if they lost, the other would be chosen. Neither of them had considered that their new Valde might have picked a third option. They blundered and stammered their buts and however, but in the end were silenced as Vulpesen rose a hand to silence them. "You have my command. See that it is done. Claymus, have your men help with the construction. Set up guards to ensure that the supplies for this aren't stolen. Gracin, see to it that all contracted help is done reasonably and make sure the public sees the importance of this. I'm counting on both of you." With that, Vulpesen flicked his wrist to open the doors behind the pair. And as they left, he couldn't help but smile at the memory of their stunned faces.