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Intent: Create a process and device that can recreate lost body parts and organs
Development Thread: NA (Can be created if needed)
Manufacturer: BCU
Model: BCU - OTR-A
Affiliation: Open market
Modularity: No
Production: Limited[background= (Only A Select Group Of NPCs/PCs)[/size]

Material: Durasteel, plastoid, electric and mechanical components

[color=rgb(0,255,0)]Strengths[/color]: (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 strength of this submission.)[background=
*Can create any tissue and organ of any species save the brain.
[color=rgb(255,0,0)]Weaknesses[/color]: (Provide, in list format, a minimum of 1 weaknesses of this submission.)[background=
*Can not create a functional brain.[background=
*Process takes time, from a few days to a few weeks depending on that is being reproduced
[b]Description:[/b][background=rgb(26,26,26)] The OTR-A is a device that is used to re-create lost or damaged tissue that can be used for transplant. Through a process called cellular construct. This device uses 3D printing techniques to first created a layer-by-layer construction of a particular organ structure or tissue to form a cell scaffold. The structure is an exact match in both size and shape to the one that was lost or damaged and needed to be replaced. However, this is not the actual replacement but rather a form through which the real replacement is built on.
Next T-cells are taken from the patient and placed into a bacta solution. During this time the total number of cells is created through cellular reproduction. Once the needed number of cells is created they are divided into groups and changed into the needed cells to create the replacement. For example, to create a new Biceps the cells are divided then changed into muscle cells, tendon cells, nerve cells and artery, vein cells.

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