"Monarchy. A word not heard often in the galaxy today, as I've observed. I will keep this address to the galaxy short.

Throughout the history of the galaxy monarchies have existed, and in almost every example, they were good for the people. A king must respect and serve his people, and in return, he gets to stay in power. If a king serves well enough, his kin take over after he dies, or passes the crown down. If a king is tyranical, the people overthrow him and replace him. So why deny me my throne? I have supported my fleet as we move for years! We are happier than most citizens on planets like Coruscant, and that is a guarantee.

Here in the Elysium Empire, we have a system in place that supports the people more still! We have a Council and a Senate, the voice of the people. The Council is a group of specialists...for example, a veteran general may find himself on the council to represent the military. They may advise me at any point. The Senate is a larger group of people. They vote to propose actions, and laws to me. Anyone can become a senator, and anyone may become a council member. So again I ask, why deny me my throne?

May I add that during the first galactic civil war between the Republic and the Separatists, many neutral planets were monarchies. They were happy without a Republic. The current galaxy is no different. You will be happier under a monarchy. For the final time I ask, Why deny me my throne? Join the fleet, a better tomorrow...today!
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