The oldest profession in the 'Verse has one of the oldest and most respected cafarel houses in the Southern Systems. An "evening of pleasure' as it had existed in the Galaxy - was replaced by a Galactic-approved profession officially titled 'Companion'.

The Companion's Oiran Houses established Oiran Houses throughout the known 'Verse. The Houses establishes its own laws and rules. For example, House law states that no House may ever be run by a man. The law also states that a Companion is free to choose her clients.

Oiran House Rules and Companion customs
  • A Companion is allowed to choose his/her own clients.
  • It is not unusual for a Companion to choose female clients as well as males.
  • A Companion must have a monthly physical examination in order to keep his/her license.
  • A customer who behaves badly enough can receive a "Black mark in Danger's Companion registry," after which no registered Companion will contract with them.
  • A form of tea ceremony is a part of the traditional opening to a meeting between a Companion and his/her client.
  • A Companion frequently provides a form of psychotherapy for his/her clients.
  • Trainees come from refugee Twi'leks or slaves brought into Danger's protection.
Clients must pay a subscription fee to earn a place in the client registry. Danger Arceneau and the Companion must approve of the client. If a client ever mistreats a Companion, that client will earn a black mark in the client registry, preventing him or her from ever securing such services again.

A Companion House is run much like a monastery and refugee home, protecting its inhabitants and sheltering them from the outside as they undergo their training. The services a Companion performs for the client are steeped in tradition and ritual. A Companion greets a client and bids that client farewell with ceremony, and the act of intimacy is designed to make each client feel that he or she is special and valued - only one of the reasons an evening with a Companion is so highly sought after.

Contracting with a Companion earns the client 'an evening of pleasure' that goes far beyond a normal encounter. A Companion is trained to listen, to entertain, to soothe, and even to offer advice, for they are well-versed on any variety of subjects from politics to the economy. A Companion knows traditional and contemporary dance. They are skilled musicians, schooled in literature, and stay current with all significant newsworthy events. They have a high degree of empathy and are trained in psychology, so they can understand their client's needs.

The beauty, elegance, and skills of the Companions have earned them the highest respect in social circles. There is no stigma to bringing a Companion to a party, as doing so proves you have both money and the ability to impress the Houses, whose members set very high standards.

Most Companions work on the border planets, entertaining clients in their own suites or meeting them elsewhere. Some choose to travel and may contract with a luxury liner—servicing clients on a cruise or flying the ship's shuttles to visit clients on nearby worlds. Few Companions choose to travel on their own or ally themselves with a small ship, and even fewer visit the outer worlds. Those who travel off the beaten path can pick and choose their clients, though they may not make as much money as working on the wealthy Confederacy worlds.

If any person so desires to register in the clientele list, feel free to contact Spenser Jacobs through the following encrypted comm frequency. Discretion is paramount and your privacy is well protected if desired.

The cost to register is 100,000 credits per annum. Contracts with a companion may incur an additional fee.

Current Oiran Companion List
Various NPCs of a plethora of sapient species
Saffron - Empathic Singer/ Cartomancer
Noire - Kiffar Companion
Serrena Alcine
Satine - Empath
Lorraei - Human Zeltron Male Hybrid