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Browncoat Arms & Industrial (Formally Czerka Arms) - An ATC Subsidiary

[color=rgb(255,165,0)]TEXTILES/ MATERIALS[/color]
[indent=1]+ Very resistant to Blasters and Vibroblades - Much like Shellspider Silk, it retains it's ability to deflect blasters and vibroblades.[/indent]
+ Stretchy and pliable - Using known memory technology already found in the galaxy and flex armor methods, the elaxtex and shell spider silk hybrid is able to stretch and expand and also revert to its original size. This is only for a limited time, as gross expansion and regular wear will require a replacement.
[background=[indent=1]+ EMP and Ion Resistant - the technology of Quantium Crystaline fused quartz mesh allows an increased resistance to electricity, EMP, and Ion weaponry due to its electrical resistance. Note, while this will work against direct electrical attacks (lightning, some of the ion grenades, some short range EMPs) but that it will not protect against long range EMP weapons that use EM radiation as the primary mechanism.[/indent]
[background=[indent=1]+ Blaster proof - Absorbital is a blaster proof substance that makes Solarium Glasteel blasterproof.[/indent]
[background=[indent=1]+ Clear solar sail technology - completely see through use of Aurodium allows the harvest and storing of solar energy, providing sustainable green energy. This also provides glare reduction.[/indent]
[background=[indent=1]+ Stronger than Glasteel and made phototropic to become more opaque near bright explosions, for example while traveling through hyperspace, and such.[/indent]