Fear no more entrapment my dear ladies and gentlebeings! Arceneau Trade has finally brought a product available to all trade station markets that will ensure you can enjoy a trip to Zeltros or connect disconnect without fear! *

I present to you ~~~ Silphia Stims!

Silphia Stims - Providing the galaxy with a safe and easy to use contraceptive control. Regulate your population now! ( Especially those Imperial folks!)

Also available.

Sil-Alert Stim - Be able to counter the pheromones of Zeltrons and Falleen on your next visit to Zeltros! Going to battle? Raid? Keep your focus on the mission at hand and not on the wenches around you!

Just drop by at your local Arceneau Trade Company market to get your supply!

*This is in reference to other hilarious OOC threads about fade to blacks and dice rolling.

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