Personal Tome of Vora Kaar
Musings of the Sith'ari, The Rule of One, The Rule of Two, The Rule of Order, and the Keepers.

My hypothesis? There is no "Sith'ari" There is no one individual who will come to "save" or bring about a "Golden age." Those who seek religion to guide them, are failing to see that they, are the Sith'ari themselves, and could mold the Sith into something greater.

For years I have studied the force and its aspects into the Dark side. Many traditions, and religions follow such ideas of the Force being a deity, or that a deity being borne of the force itself. Millenniums ago, the Jedi were borne of a war between the Jen'jidai and the Je'daii. Where they believed a "Chosen One" would bring balance to the force. It was the Exiles/Jen'jidai who would worship a being called the "Sith'ari." From the Sith Language, its literal translation was "Overlord." A Dark Lord of the Sith who was above all. A being that would lead the Sith into glory, before destroying them all.

Even now, it is unsure if the Pureblood Sith believed it to be King Adas and his Reign of the Ax. However, his supposed death to the Infinite Empire makes me believed they thought he was this supposed Sith'ari whom would lead them into glory before killing the Sith. As not too long after his own death, The Sith were, for the lack of better words, enslaved by the Je'daii Exiles from the Hundred Year Darkness. One could say, that he did destroy the Sith, by dying. I however, believe this is false, as the religion states, it is the Sith'ari who would be the one to destroy the Sith THEMSELVES. As though the Sith would still be standing. Having to be molded into a better form.

However, the Sith Purebloods believed that the Sith'ari would return to them. Instead of being this "Overlord" or a King of Kings, it was translated to be more of a perfect being of the Sith. In essence, a god. Later, many years down the line, the Brotherhood of Darkness were fighting a splinter group of the Jedi Order called the "Army of Light." A almost zealot faction of the Jedi that sought to use their powers and gifts to become Lords. Lead by Jedi Hoth. They fought one another, with both groups being wiped out by a Force power of Thought Bomb. A collection of power from all of the Followers of the Brotherhood. Killing every Army of Light Jedi, and Brotherhood of Darkness Sith upon the planet.

It was one Sith who lived. Reports of a man named Dessel had lived. Later confirming that it was the infamous Darth Bane. His survival brought about the Rule of Two. Any form of the Sith after which, followed this rule. Where the Strength of the Sith was to be held by one, and coveted by another. Teachings added to the "Book of the Sith" were recovered by Darth Sidious. While Bane did survive the death of the Sith in their iteration, many could argue he did not lead them to glory. Neither did Sidious. As this "Glory" was only inherited by one individual person. Not the Sith Species, or the Sith as a Religion, Or Sith as in a culture of people. It was only one individual person who gained such power, with others coveting it.

I fear, that many religions, seeking the coming of a deity, are complacent in their own endeavors. Waiting for this supposed "Perfect Being" to lead them into a better tomorrow, and then destroy them in the end. While I know not of what this destroyed state would be, any indication of it being in the past, or in the present, has all but garnered nothing. The current Sith Empire live under what is called a "Rule of Order" where upon a Sith Emperor would rule over the other Sith, and all within the Empire were of unified status. One where infighting, betrayal and usurping action is not permitted. However, this Rule of Order also was made by Darth Carnifex, previously known as Darth Vornskr, as well as being the God-King of Pantha for some time. It seems to stem from the idea, that there should be a United Sith Empire where upon all Sith would conform work in unison with the Empire as a whole, and the Sith as a culture.

Some of the modern day Sith would state that this is a golden age for the Sith. Lasting for many years while the Galactic Alliance, Silver Jedi Order, and even a second iteration of the Galactic Alliance have risen, with some falling or having troubling problems within their governments.

While I would never directly say to the current Emperor's face that I respect his ideals for bringing about the Sith to survive against what could have been considered unfavorable odds, I cannot completely side with him, his rule of order, or his empire as it grows stagnate. The Sith fight for the empire, but fall short with empowering themselves in power, strength, and freeing themselves of their bonds or chains.

I do not believe that this is best for the Sith. Being followers of an Emperor, it stifles the potential of potent members of the Sith from rising up and becoming stronger than their Masters. Those at the top of the current Sith Empire only grow stronger, only to be replaced when they retire, or perish. More often than not, retire. Darth Voyance and her beginning of the "Keepers of the Sith" is more desirable in my eyes. While it is not perfect, nor is she this "Sith'ari" due to not being a god, nor a single individual leading the Sith, I do believe the Keepers and their Cabal will one day lead the Sith further than the current Empire. However, it must evolve before doing so.

Darth Bane failed by living in the shadows, with all the perceived power being with one, and coveted by another.

Darth Krayt failed by having only One sith hold all the power with no one to gain anything.

Darth Carnifex failed by having all under the rule of one, with power being given to a higher government entity.

My believe is that for the Sith to expand, and evolve, we need to dig deeper within our own roots and traditions, mold them and shape them within all of these codes, so that there is no stagnation, A rule of power where upon those strongest above all will lead, yet not kill ourselves off by our own ambitions. This will take possibly thousands, or millions of years more. However, I do hope I will see this "Golden Age" of the Sith come to fruition within my life time.

One day, I do hope to be proven wrong.